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What I Bought Last Week on Amazon April 14, 2024



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What I Bought Last Week on Amazon April 14, 2024

Greenies Petite Natural Dental Care Dog Treats: (Repurchase) Got the wrong size here – for the dogs I get them the regular size. 1x a day and they love all greenies flavors!

Dog Bark Collar: Ralph’s back to his barking antics. I only do the beep feature here and it beeps if he barks too loud. I like that it’s automatic and don’t need a remote because on a walk my reaction time isn’t fast enough for a remote.

Octobuddy: (Repurchase) Lost mine the other day on a walk so had to replace it. I use two and stick them against each other so that I can remove it from my phone easily instead of having the adhesive side on my phone and it’s just stuck there.

Waterproof Dog Collar: Remi was overdue for a new collar. Her last one was Wild One and this is literally the same collar. Same color ways and sizing and everything.

Miss Mouth’s Messy Eater Stain Remover: I think this works so much better than Tide stain removers

ThunderEase Dog Calming Pheromone Diffuser Kit: Still out here trying everything to make Remi’s separation anxiety subside. Her vet’s office uses this and recommended it. TBD if it works

BIODANCE Bio-Collagen Real Deep Mask, Hydrating Overnight Mask: Because Courtney Grow and My Sister Made Me Buy said so

MEDIHEAL Teatree Trouble Facial Toner Pads: I’ve been dealing with a lot of milia on my forehead (apparently wasn’t exfoliating enough) and I’m trying just about everything. Next stop is these.

Magnetic Phone Grip for MagSafe: Niche but my octobudy doesn’t work on some light poles and metal signs when I’m shamelessly trying to get a picture in the neighborhood so got this magnet one for those cases and will just carry both in my bag.

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