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What I Bought Last Week on Amazon April 10, 2024



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What I bought on Amazon Last Week: Week of April 14, 2024

Acqua Panna Toscana Spring Water: Repurchase
I love these small glass bottles of water for when I have guests over or when I feel like I need a little aesthetic pick-me-up. I’m a big fan of making little parts of your day feel a little more elevated and this is one of those easy ones!

Homee Coffee Knox Box:
Got this for when I make my morning cappuccino. I found myself banging the portafilter against the trash can which was loud and pretty ineffective. The puck comes out so much easier with this little guy and since the bar is rubber, it’s a lot quieter.

Replacement Water Filter for Breville Barista Touch:
This is your reminder to change your filters, whether the water filter, espresso machine filter or air filter. I’m so bad at remembering but at least these come with a dial to set the date. Without it, I wouldn’t have known that this is the month it needs to be changed.

I should also note that the Breville Barista Touch is the first coffee maker I’ve had that has a spot for the water filter, but I have noticed I don’t have to descale it as much as my past machines and I’m guessing this filtered water helps!

Clean Towels XL: Repurchase
I used to be so skeptical of these. They seemed kind of wasteful and like glorified paper towels? The decision to try them out was because my skin has been so out of control ever since going off birth control. I found that I needed to just cover all my bases including not drying my face with the same towel night after night.

I’ve come to really like these not just for drying my face but for wiping makeup brushes or whenever I spill makeup on the counter.

Chamberlain Coffee Witty Fox Hazlenut Blend
While this flavor is a new purchase, Chamberlain Coffee is not. I’ve been happy with the coffee beans and their freshness when I’ve tried the other flavors. Today I had the hazelnut for the first time and I did enjoy it! The packaging just makes me happy too.

Espresso Puck Screen
I went on an espresso machine rabbit whole last Saturday when I realized I needed new filters for the machine. The reviews for the machine say that the key to success with it is keeping it clean, so I wanted to make sure I’m doing everything possible to keep it in tip top shape. I read that having the puck screen cover the espresso can help keep the head where the espresso touches the machine cleaner since you’re not putting the espresso right up against the hole in the machine.

Rambler Water Lemon LimeRepurchase
This is my absolute favorite sparkling water. To the point where now that I live in DC and can’t get it at the grocery store like I would in Texas, I have it shipped to me!

Camera Tripod & iPhone Tripod with lighting
I broke the tripod I had been using for my phone and kept getting adds for one with lighting attached. I also needed one for my actual normal camera. As far as the one with the lighting goes it folds pretty compact which I like but it is HEAVY.

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