About Monica

Hey! I'm Monica and I am a traveling, stylish, wellness boss babe who knows that if there is one thing I will share with every woman in the world, it is the power of real good deep breaths.

My mission is to support women who have just started their business, exhausted and stuck and teach them how to align their mind, body, and soul in order to live a well and balanced life - guilty pleasures are encouraged.

This allows them to be more strategic and purposeful with every decision they make.

I've created a wellness toolbox which is an approachable way to learn daily practices centered around mindfulness, movement, and purpose in order to have the confidence and energy to take action towards reaching their deepest desires.

My mission is to provide women with the tools they need in order to achieve a mind, body, spirit balance so that they are inspired, confident and take action to achieve their goals.

Growing up with constant health issues (stomach pain ALWAYS and gallbladder removal at age 13) that doctors could never find the culprit for, triggered my anxiety. This held me back from letting my true self-shine through and lead to a lot of self-doubts.

In my early 20s, I had the opportunity to work for a fashion retailer as an assistant buyer. Realizing that running my own business was where my heart really was, I took a leap and moved to LA and founded my blog 45 Fairmount

In LA, I immersed myself in the wellness community and it was there when I enrolled in the Divine Living Academy program to hone in on my coaching skills. Since then, the journey has taken me to Yoga Teacher Training and in the process of completing my certification in Nutrition and Holistic Health Coaching through IIN.

No matter what point you're at right now in your business and in your wellness journey, I invite you to join me in my Facebook community. It's a private group that is a high vibe place to celebrate, ask questions and connect!

I can't wait to meet you!