About Monica

Oh hey! I’m Monica and I’m a Success & Lifestyle Coach. I help boss babes overcome overwhelm and self-doubt so that they can finally get their business off the ground in a way that is authentic so that they can achieve their lifestyle and carer dreams, and stop waiting for “later.”

I teach women how to have a solution focused mindset and nuture the mind, body, and soul to take action that makes a real impact.

Why Mind, Body, Biz? If there’s one thing that I will share with every woman in the world, it’s the power of real good deep breathing. We have the power within ourselves to tap into our breath and bring out confidence and fulfillment that we didn’t even know was there.

My mission is to support boss babes who are exhausted and stuck and teach them how to align their mind, body, and soul in order to live a well and balanced life - guilty pleasures are encouraged (champagne and oysters are a must).

Before launching my blog and later my coaching business, my confidence was a roller coaster. One moment I was riding the high of graduating from the Neiman Marcus Executive Development Program, and the next I was feeling lost and not enough because I was going to be feeling unfulfilled and moving from city to city every 3 years.

When I first started my business, I was doing a lot of doing, doing, doing and stress, stress, stress, and little results.

I would launch a new program and the week of the launch I’d break out in hives. Yep, I was that girl and I needed to change something.

By incorporating my passion for mindset work and wellness, I realized that when my mind, body, and soul were all in alignment, that’s when my business felt easier and momentum happened faster.

Today I launch authentically and with ease. I have a home base in Kansas City and one in Barcelona and traveling around the world while working keeps me grounded rather than feeling the urge to uproot and move every 3 years.

The support that I provide with my clients is tried in true by me and I have seen my relationship thrive even deeper, see more and more positivity and joy every single day, I go to bed feeling fulfilled, I have been published in the Huffington Post, invited to do a segment for a local Kansas City morning show, and I travel the world and stay at the Ritz and order champagne. 

And my favorite tradition is that my weekends kickoff with champagne and oysters with my love.

No matter what point you're at right now in your business journey, I invite you to join me in my Facebook community. It's a private group that is a high vibe place to celebrate, ask questions and connect!

I can't wait to meet you!