Kick off 2018 with motivation, structure and focus with the New Year Bundle.



New year bundle 2018

Price goes up to $222 on
January 4, 2017


You’re ready to take things seriously in 2018, aren't you?


No • 1: 50 Minute exclusive training From Blogger to Influencer training that gives you the exact 3 actionable steps you need to take for a profitable 2018, and why it will make a difference

          • Slides so you can print out and take notes easily

          • How you can monetize the 2018 way without waiting to hit 10k followers (how I went from $80/month through my blog to $10k)

          • Create an elevated experience for your audience and get them to know, like and trust you

          • BONUS: 2018 Monetization cheat sheet to know what to focus on in the first quarter of 2018

No • 2: Meditation Pack

• 3 meditations (morning, mid-day boost, evening), affirmations recording, and a tapping for stress video

No •3: Snooze Lover's Guide to Mornings - morning routine mini-course

        An easy to implement mini-course on how to stay consistent in a morning routine even on days when you have 5 minutes before you need to be out of the door , set up a morning routine that starts your day off calm instead of chaotic and  how to get more done in your business with the help of your morning routine

No • 4: Influencer Girl Lifestyle Business Toolkit

          • I'm spilling the beans on all the things that keep my business afloat from systems, to programs, to wellness products and my outfit staples.


My coaching calls each week are such a delight! I am conquering fears (some of which I didn't know I had!) and building a totally new service to launch soon! And the guided meditations she has me doing each day are so incredible! It’s not scary and so rewarding to just breath and pay attention to my own body and feelings. I promise, in a month you’ll be thanking yourself!

Chelsea F.

“Your meditations and 3 steps have been a huge help to me...thank you so much Monica!!!!””


I definitely needed help and accountability with getting the ball rolling with my creative endeavors and seeing how I can get out of my own way...Right now I feel hopeful, curious, and excited to see what will come about the endeavors I’m pursuing that Monica has helped me get started with! I feel so grateful for the push these sessions have given me!

Tiara H. Dessert N Desire