Monica is a Success Coach & Lifestyle Expert with over half a decade of experience the blogging industry.




i'm monica

Oh hey! I’m Monica and I’m a Success Coach & Lifestyle Expert. I help influencer's create a life that they're obsessed with by implementing game changing strategy that allows them spend less time behind the computer and live. 

After over half a decade of running a lifestyle blog and 3 years in the coaching industry, I realized I started to lose myself in my business.

I stopped doing the things that made me feel energized, inspired and motivated. I thought I didn't deserve the blow out or massage unless I hit a certain milestone in my business.


I stopped being able to connect with my audience like I used to, I was working 24/7 and not getting the results I knew I was capable of.

When I shifted into a 3 day week, my entire life and business shifted.

I finally was inspired to write content that inspired my audience.

And my business thrived because I was able to raise my prices and work with clients who are ideal - because they're motivated and ready to make they're lifestyle and business dreams a reality.

Prior to beginning my entrepreneurial journey, I worked in the corporate offices for Michaels (yep, working on the famous Sunday coupon ad) and the buying offices at Neiman Marcus and graduated from their Executive Development Program.



Today I grow my business authentically and with ease. I have a home base in Kansas City and one in Barcelona and traveling around the world while working keeps me grounded rather than feeling the urge to uproot and move every 3 years. I have been published in the Huffington Post, invited to do a segment for a local Kansas City morning show, love being a podcast guest and traveling the world, staying at the Ritz with my biz besties and ordering champagne. Ohhh and did I mention that my favorite tradition is that my weekends kickoff with champagne and oysters with my love?!


My coaching calls each week are such a delight! I am conquering fears (some of which I didn't know I had!) and building a totally new service to launch soon! And the guided meditations she has me doing each day are so incredible! It’s not scary and so rewarding to just breath and pay attention to my own body and feelings. I promise, in a month you’ll be thanking yourself!

- Chelsea Foster