How to style an oversized sweater

How to style and oversized sweater and vegan leather pants How to style and oversized sweater and vegan leather pants How to style and oversized sweater and vegan leather pants How to style and oversized sweater and vegan leather pantsSplendid Sweater // Blank Vegan Leather PantsCole Haan Boots (similar) // Zac Posen Clutch (similar) [line]

As much as I don’t enjoy super cold weather, I do prefer wearing layers and jeans over shorts. This outfit has been one of my favorites this winter. The oversized sweater and black vegan leather pants are the epitome of a chic winter outfit. If I want to dress it up, I’ll wear my tall Cole Haan boots and if I want a more casual look, then white converse are the way to go.

My friends and mom have been encouraging me to do a major closet refresh. Mainly because my new closet doesn’t exactly fit everything and I definitely don’t wear everything. I’m totally on board with this project, but it’s taking a bit longer than I would hope. This is in part because I can make up a reason for any piece of clothing to stay in my closet. After talking to friends, I'm realizing that I need to strategically decide what pieces can be worn many different ways and keep those pieces. This oversized sweater from Splendid and Blank vegan leather pants are definitely going to stay.

If you’re looking for a multipurpose sweater I highly recommend this Splendid sweater. It’s light enough that when it's warm out it can be worn with shorts or if it is really cold out, it still looks great with a long sleeved tee layered underneath. I’ve worn it with both a white and an eggplant long sleeved tee. A few weeks ago I posted an outfit with real leather leggings, which I love, but I love these vegan leather pants just as much. This trend has been around for a while now, so you probably have a pair already, but if you’re on the search for budget friendly leather pants that don’t look cheap, I highly recommend Blank’s vegan leather pants. From my days of working in the Cusp by Neiman Marcus buying office during the height of the leather trend, I saw and felt a lot of real leather and a lot of vegan leather. Blank was always the overall favorite for value, quality, and look in the Cusp office.

Oversized Sweater Style Tips

1. Stick to solids: If you're petite like me, you don't want the sweater to over power you. If you stick to solids, you won't have to worry about drowning in a print. 2. Skinny pants Whether you choose the denim or leather pant route, make sure they're skinny and fitted. With anything else you'll have too much material and it won't look proportionately balanced.

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